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Popular questions

Review our answers to frequently asked questions. If your question isn't answered here, review our Tutorials or Contact us.

1. What is 2D Transit?

2D Transit is a state-of-the-art Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) label processing software. It will allow you to create Amazon FBA labels, 2D labels, and FNSKU labels all in one place. 2D Transit allows the user to scan products and automatically print accurate labels for shipping to FBA. Amazon 2D labels get your products checked into FBA faster so you can keep products in stock and make more sales.

2. What is a 2D label?

A 2D label is a QR Code that, when scanned, shows the carton contents of a box. To increase Fulfillment Center efficiency, Amazon has asked FBA sellers to provide carton contents for easier and faster check-in of inventory and to avoid manual processing fees. Carton contents can be uploaded to Seller Central or encoded in a scannable 2D barcode label on the box.

3. Does Amazon require 2D labels?

Packages sent to an Amazon fulfillment center without a list of carton contents are subject to a 15-cents-per-unit manual processing fee during the months from January to October or a 30-cents-per-unit manual processing fee during the Christmas season from November to December. Scannable 2D labels list carton contents to expedite receiving and avoid the fees.

4. Is it better to use a 2D label than to upload my carton contents to Seller Central?

Uploading your carton contents to Seller Central will get you around the fees, but it’s prone to mistakes. Inaccuracies in uploaded carton contents may lead Amazon to deny your shipment or even suspend your account. With 2D Transit, our SafetyNet automatic shipment validation prevents your warehouse team from shipping a package to Amazon with the wrong items in the box. Ship to FBA with complete accuracy and remove a source of stress.

5. What is an FNSKU label?

An FNSKU label is an optional alternative SKU label that ensures the Amazon warehouse doesn’t commingle your inventory with other sellers’ inventory of the same products. With commingled inventory, customers who order from you may get some other seller’s product rather than the one you actually sent to FBA. If the other seller’s product is damaged or counterfeit, your brand could take the blame and the reputational damage in the form of one-star reviews. An FNSKU is a unique identifier for your products that prevents this. Amazon will apply these labels for you at the Amazon Fulfillment Center for 30 cents per unit, or you can save the money with 2D Transit by applying the labels yourself.

6. What type of printer works with 2D Transit?

2D Transit requires a thermal printer. We recommend Zebra printers for 2D labels and Dymo printers for FNSKU labels.

7. Can I prevent partner brands from seeing each other’s shipments?

Yes. In addition to your primary login that allows you to see all shipments, you can also create secondary logins for use by partner brands. Through your primary login, you can set secondary login permissions to allow each partner to see only shipments for their own brand.

8. Is there a monthly contract or sign-up fee?

Try 2D Transit free for 7 days, and then pay month-to-month. There is no sign-up fee and no penalty to cancel at any time.


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