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Q: Is there a way to allow another user, through permissions, into printnode only?

A: If your goal is to have someone just do the printing, you still need to install printnode on that user’s PC in order for 2D to detect the printer, you only have to set the permission settings via 2D Transit for this user to be restricted with some features. Let me know if this is what you mean or you have a different goal in mind. Do note that printnode is a separate client app which is outside our capabilities for feature updates and permissions as we only manage permissions via 2D Transit.


Currently our permission settings work as intended and can be found at Workspace Settings (click the top right dropdown icon on your workspace name then click the gear icon) -> Users -> Manage -> Permissions. The default roles are Full Access Rule, and Staff Default Access Rule. In the same page you can create a Custom Role; this is where you can customize what you want to give access and restrict a user for a certain feature. You can apply your newly created custom role if you update the permission of a certain user via Users -> Manage -> Permissions. In there you can see the Extended Role dropdown where you can select your created custom role. It means you are using the custom role for this user and override specific actions to allow or not allow. You can read more info about this in our Help section Manage Your Workspaces -> Managing workspace users. https://www.2dtransit.com/pages/tutorials/#manage-your-workspaces.

Creating Shipping Plan

Q: When trying to work through the Seller Central Shipping Plan I got hit with errors such as “prepInstruction error”

A: In some instances, the prepInstruction we add to the template might not be the accepted prepInstruction by Amazon. You may update your template depending on what is being suggested by Amazon in the error response. As for the error saying “prepInstruction not available”, this is because sometimes Amazon cannot determine prepInstruction for certain ASINs at the moment and can be determined later on and this is solely on Amazon’s end. In some cases we leave it blank in order to proceed if NoPrep does not work.


Q: Shipment ID expire after clicking Approve, why?

A: This error is because the shipment ID has expired. This is designed by Amazon that if the shipping plan is created more than 48hours, the shipment ID will expire if there is no shipment created or approved. With this, please try to create another shipping plan and approve them once again.
Take note that you have an option to download the list of the shipping plan you have now before you delete it so that you will know which SKUs to import again. You can safely delete those shipping plans that you were not able to Approve. Thanks!


Q: I did not approve ALL shipments in the shipment plan before importing the SKU list via Seller Central FBA. Is this required?

A: Each shipment ID has 1 SKU List in Seller Central so it is fine not to approve all in 2D. You can only download SKU List in Seller Central if you already approved the shipping plan in 2D. So no it is not required.


Q: I renamed the Shipment, which changed the PO. Will renaming the shipments cause issues in finding the shipment plan?

A: Renaming the Shipment name should not be an issue since we base it on shipping ID when scanning the items.

Scanning and Labelling

Q: Is there a way we can process the PO pack slip from our orders, instead of working off an FBA number?

A: We can already get the shipment ID as soon as you are already done clicking the ‘Approve’ button using our shipping plan creation API workflow (Help -> Creating/Importing Shipment Plans -> Creating Shipping Plan). This will already show up in the Shipping Queue in Amazon seller central. You will still need to download the SKU list from sellercentral as you did in the old workflow, but you can import it into 2D Transit to process your shipment (also found in the guide above) in order for you to work with the shipment. By work with the shipment I mean scanning, generating and printing labels if you want. You can also print the shipping label in the Shipping Label page. And in order for you to have access to carrier services, you need to register for Easypost. For more detailed guide about generating shipping labels, please check our help section: Help -> Generate Shipping Labels


Box Pop Up

Q: Is there a way to turn off the reminder that pops up after you hit print for the box being completed?

A: No, and we don’t encourage disabling it if we can. The idea is that this is almost an e-signature situation where the user is verifying/agreeing that they are following all the guidelines.


Q: Amazon includes FBA labels on their print outs, do I need to label over their FBA label? Or can I include their fba label and the 2D Transit label?

A: If you are only using 2D Transit for the 2D barcode label, then yes you would use both labels: Amazon’s generated FBA ID and the 2D Transit 2D barcode label. But do note that we recommend you use our Combined 2D Label. A combined 2D label is the combination of FBA label and 2D carton contents label. In order to save the FBA manual processing fee that Amazon charges, we use 2D transit to generate 2D barcode labels. Originally you are adding a third label to your outbound boxes (shipping + FBA + 2D contents). But using the combined 2D label, the user is eliminating the need for the separate FBA label generated in Seller Central, saving time, eliminating the risk of putting a label on the wrong carton, and the supply cost of another thermal label.

Printer Issue

Q: Hello, i’m having a problem printing my label. No labels are printing.

A: If your Default 2D Printer is ‘Browser’ it should display the print preview when you click Print in the screenshot you provided.
In this instance you need to check your settings for Default Printer. But if you already enabled printnode via Printnode Printers settings, and you set printnode as default printer instead of Browser, please check if the label is printed successfully using the printer you selected. If you did not set your Printnode up yet, please check the guide here: https://www.2dtransit.com/pages/tutorials/#printnode-guide.


As an additional reference, our clients have been using these printer models: For 2D labels you may use Zebra GxT or Zebra 450; for FNSKU labels you may use Dyno printer. Technically you would base the sizes of the printers and do some test prints if needed. You can click Print Sample in Default Printer settings to do test prints and adjust sizes if needed. You may also check the guide for setting default printer here for more info: https://www.2dtransit.com/pages/tutorials/#select-default-printer


If you already followed the 2D Transit guides and still have issues then our last troubleshooting is to check if you properly setup your printnode account via printnode site and printnode app. There is a log for the print command being sent from 2D to printnode in which we can check if the print command was successfully received. One of the common issues we receive is that a wrong printer may be selected on your setup which results into the label not printing.