Label Generation

Scan gun input interface

Ability to generate combined 2D box content and inbound FBA label

FNSKU label generation, to include Title, SKU, FNSKU ID

Automatic FNSKU label generation without manual input

Ability to load several different shipment plans into the system simultaneously

Ability to easily add, remove and edit ship-to and ship-from addresses for convenient re-use

Ability to export pre-filled CSV upload files, to aid in the convenience of multi-box uploading

Label Printing

Expiration label printing

Simultaneous automatic FNSKU and 2D barcode printing

Simultaneous printer defaults to automate label printing

Reprint label without opening the shipment with print history page

Shipment Validation

Validate packed units against existing shipment plans to guarantee accuracy

Auto-validate FNSKU labels against shipment plan as you scan each item into shipment box

Easily adjust recently packed items while retaining the shipment plan validation feature

Reporting and Shipment Management

Vendor Central Tools

Detailed shipment plan reporting, including item and processor information

Ability to filter shipment page to zero in on remaining/missing units

Ability to archive shipment plans with confirmed inventory shortages so they don’t show in ongoing view

User Management

Multi-user functionality under one account

Ability to control user visibility and permissions

Permissions set on per-user basis for tailored views/controls

Organize users into separate workspaces

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